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Catheter Patency Webcast: Flushing Away the Myths

A three-part educational series presented by the Infusion Nurses' Society (INS) and Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed, RN,BC, CRNI, a prominent voice in the world of infusion nursing. The series looks at current guidelines for flushing IV catheters and complications associated with vascular access devices. This series was funded through an educational grant by B. Braun Medical Inc. and hosted by INS during April – June 2008.

Part 1. Current Guidelines for Flushing IV Catheters - View Now!

Sharing Expertise® Best Practices Educational Series


Bacterial Infection Awareness and Prevention
Best Practices to Help Prevent CRBSI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed, RN,BC, CRNI

Use as a teaching tool in your facility.


Reducing IV Complications

Reducing IV Complications

Kelli Rosenthal, MS, RN,BC, ANP, APRN,BC, CRNI

Learn how to reduce IV complications and recognize treatment challenges
and implement best practices.


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"Reducing Medication Errors with Smart Pumps"
"Space Infusion Pump System: Safety and Flexibility"
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Key Articles


Ask the Safety Expert: Practice Infection Prevention

By Karen Brown, RN, BSN, MSN
Nursing & Patient Care, May 2007

Prolonged hospital visits increase the risk of developing a healthcare- associated infection (HAI), as these infections increase so must the priority for our healthcare system to make infection prevention a priority.

Learn more about HAI by reading the complete article.



Successful Disinfection of Needleless Access Ports:
A Matter of Time and Friction

Wendy Kaler, MT, MPH,CIC and Raymond Chinn, MD, FACP
JAVA, July 2007

The authors studied the disinfection effectiveness for needleless access ports and concluded all models of needleless access ports were effectively disinfected using two methods.

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Video: Antibacterial

This video shows how ULTRASITE® Ag, an innovative, antibacterial, silver impregnated luer access device, works together with clinical best practices to reduce bacterial growth that can lead to CRBSI.

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Educational Poster:
Disinfecting ULTRASITE® Valve

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Vein Starts Here

Educational Poster:
The Vein Starts Here

View & print this poster.

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